What’s New at DHP October 2020


What’s New at DHP October 2020

October 2020!  

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Congratulations to our October
Member of the Month!Sondra Baltazar
 What a great athlete, friend and supporter of the DHP family.  Not only has she been making huge improvements both mentally and physically, but she has been supporting us for as long as she has been able to.  Bringing her family and sharing our campaigns with friends….much love and appreciation goes to you Sondra!


➡️ Name: Sondra “Stark” Baltazar

➡️How long have you been doing CrossFit: I’ve been doing crossfit on and off for a few years but have finally been able to commit to going regularly since the summer.

➡️How many days a week do you attend classes: I go 4x’s a week 🙂

➡️What is your favorite workout:  I really enjoy tabatas and workouts where we do a variety of different skill sets. Doing the Open last year was fun too. Everyone dressed up, brought in snacks and had a lot of fun while giving it our all. I knew I was going in not fully prepared (had a 6 month old at home and wasn’t able to work out steadily) but I figured I’d be there to cheer and to try. Now, I can look back and see how far I’ve come since I’ve been able to put the work in..

➡️What do you enjoy most about DHP: The best part about DHP is the community it fosters. Everyone is super supportive and helps to push you to try your hardest and there is never any judgement-you’re doing YOUR best and that’s what matters most. It’s great to come to such a positive environment and workout amongst like minded people.

➡️What is your biggest success since joining DHP: Biggest success is a tough one. I’ve had a couple wrist surgeries and after working out at DHP, my wrist has become stronger and I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to do (at home as well as in the gym) for years. I think the biggest success though, is the life change that comes with committing to change oneself. I’ve felt better physically AND mentally after joining.

➡️Would you recommend DHP too: I think anyone looking to make a lifestyle change should join DHP. My oldest takes the kids class (the two younger ones cheer from the sidelines), my lifelong friend just joined and I’ve convinced my mom to do the boot camp. I want to share my positive experiences with others in the hopes that it will also be life changing for them. I’m truly grateful for Jenn and all the coaches for pushing me to try harder (and of course to correct my form 🤣).

Thank you Sondra, we love knowing you and watching you get better and better…..

We are grateful to have her in our community and proud to name her 2020’s Tenth Member of the Month! There are some events to watch out for this Month!

First up, please welcome our new women who have signed up for the DWP Bootcamp

Starting Monday, October 5th!

October 10th
Barbells for Boobs

Please save the date and come workout with us!  The schedule will be a normal Saturday schedule, but WEAR PINK!

Please consider donating here to this organization that supports women in need of screenings.
 October 11th
National Coming Out Day

We’re proud to join the OUTAthletics Burpee-A-Thon for National Coming Out Day because no one should be afraid to be who they truly are. Please support our team as we log our burpees and reach our fundraising goals!
Donate here!

We are also going Skydiving on October 11th! 
Let us know if you would like to join!

Back to School Promotion

Please spread the word for our promotion! 
Join us now and we will waive the enrollment fee ($99 value!)  You will also receive ONE FREE personal training session.

Don’t Forget!
If a friend joins us with a full membership, you will receive ONE MONTH FREE from your membership!


5am, 6:15am, and 7:30 Express
(The 7:30 is only half hour and is indoors!)

4:15pm, 5:30pm and 6:45pm

7am, 8:30am and 10am

Please reserve your spot on the Push Press Members Portal App.

If You Come Indoors, Expect A Screening!

Make sure you bring a mask and get ready for a temperature check whenever you enter the building.

We will hold class INDOORS when it rains.
Please wear your mask the entire time you are inside the building.

The 7:30 Express Skill Session is also INDOORS!
Work on pull ups, muscle ups, and all things indoors can provide!

CrossFit Kids Is Up And Running

Sunday at 9am behind the building

Buy 3 months and get the 4th for free!!

Reply to this email to sign up your kids!

Our Online Store is Up and Running With New Products!

New hoodies!  New pants!  New hats!

Click here to see what we have available!  
Show off your athleticism with pride!