What’s New at DHP May 2020


What’s New at DHP May 2020

May 2020!  We CANNOT WAIT to open our doors again!
We hope you and your families are staying safe!
Special applause to everyone still working!

There are still things to do, so
lets help each other stay motivated,
stay fit and healthy! 

Congratulations to our May
Member of the Month!Ed Wang (Doc)This one has been a long time coming. Doc has been with us for a while, he’s been a friend to us, a great motivator for 5am….. and never tries to change the music…..whistling sarcastically…. We thank him for always helping anyone in need, for promoting us whenever he can, and for being our friend 👏

When asked some questions, this is what he says:

 ➡️Name: Doc
➡️How long have you been doing CrossFit: 2015
➡️How many days a week do you attend classes: 5
➡️What is your favorite workout: Not the One-Ton sled push
➡️What do you enjoy most about DHP: The happy vibe.
➡️What has been your greatest success since joining DHP: Learning double unders and hand stand pushups and climbing rope.
➡️Who would you recommend DHP too: My colleagues at work. 👍
Thank you doc!
We are grateful to have him in our community and proud to name him 2020’s Fifth Member of the Month!


Stay motivated with your community through our virtual ZOOM workouts!

Weekdays at 9am and 7pm and weekends at 10am! 

CrossFit Kids versions of every workout are available on SugarWOD!  Just scroll down.

We also have At Home Challenges posted every Tuesday and Friday.

We have a treat for you!

For all of our members who have continued their membership plans this month…

You will be receiving a $100 gift card to these companies! 
($25 for each store)

This was a gift from the vendors who are supporting boxes in need, and we are very appreciative that they are giving us a treat!

We will distribute them when we receive them!

We have plans available for your friends and family who would like to join you for some workouts!

Originally $129 a month, now down to $99!!

Join us for unlimited virtual classes!  Click here to sign someone up and please share the word!

A New Date for the Weightlifting Seminar will be announced as soon as we know! The second component of the Weightlifting Seminar is coming!  Lets hope you all have been doing your homework….we will test out the moves and see who can PR!

FREE for our DHP Family and $20 for non-members. Womens Bootcamp will start up SOON!

Starting TBD

Classes at 5:30 pm Monday through Friday 
We would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your friends and family!

The workouts will be simple, no barbells and a lot of fat burning techniques!  There is also a nutritional component to help see results fast!

Click here to find the link to sign yourself up or send to a friend.

Our New Online Store is Up and Running!

Workout from home in style with our new design, Apocofitness DHP Quarantine Training Tank!

Click here to see what we have available!  
Show off your athleticism with pride!

We are adding more and more options so check them out to see what is your style!

And last but not least!…..The 20 Check in Club Continues…but not this month  :o) We would like to celebrate our members dedicated to maximizing their time here!We recognize each member who attends 20+ classes a month! Make sure you check in to your classes! Congratulations to the following:
Everyone participating in the virtual workouts and completing the home workouts when you can!