What’s New At DHP March 2022


What’s New At DHP March 2022

March 2022

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

Congratulations to our March
Member of the Month!  

We could not be more proud of her, and the progress she has made recently!

Not only has she pushed herself by coming to more classes, and even being just a great role model for her brother, but she signed up for her first open and completed her first open workout last Friday!

We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you Pia! ðŸ‘ðŸ¼ðŸ‘ðŸ¼

➡️Name: Pia

➡️How long have you been doing CrossFit: since December

➡️How many days a week do you attend classes: 4-5

➡️What is your favorite workout:   snatches

➡️What do you enjoy most about DHP: the family dynamic

➡️What is you biggest success since joining DHP: competing in the open

➡️Who would you recommend DHP too: to everyone!

We are grateful to have her in our community and proud to name her 2022’s THIRD Member of the Month!

The Open Is Here!
Two More Nights 

March 4 – Disney Night!
Wear your best Disney outfit and try to coordinate with your team!

March 11 – DHP Pride!
Sport your hoodie, zip up or shirt to show off your gym spirit!

The CrossFit Open is a true test of your fitness!  We are so pleased to say that this is our BIGGEST Open we have ever had!

Submit your scores HERE !

Exciting New Rewards For Members

We would like to celebrate our members who have been with us for
3 years or more!  

You get your own Birthday WOD
with your favorite moves so be sure
to talk to a coach when it is coming up!

Raffles To The 20 Check In Club!

We are excited to start the 20 Class Check In Club again!

Every member who has reached a minimum of 20 classes
(and has checked in!!)
is entered to win an Amazon gift card  :o)

We will continue this EVERY month!

So be sure to check in and we will see you in class!

A Promotion For Any Previous Members
We know some of you have been away, and if you are interested in returning, we have a deal for you!
Return at a HUGE discounted rate for your first month back!  This is our standard Groupon Rate that we are honoring.

Show Off Your Pride With Our Apparel

Check out our online store to order yourself a shirt, pants, hoodie or tank!

Click here to start showing off your DHP Pride!

Lastly, as you know… Nutrition is KEY for health and wellness.

Join in on Coach Theresa’s
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All programs are designed to help you hit your goals and give you the best results possible through:
Nutrition Programming
Accountability Coaching

This program is perfect for:

Weight Loss
Muscle Toning
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And most importantly building a healthy relationship with food!  

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