What’s New at DHP December 2020


What’s New at DHP December 2020

December 2020!  

We made it!
It’s been a wild ride this year and we are grateful to each and every one of you for your ongoing support!

Congratulations to our December
Member of the Month!
Kayla “KK” Devaux
 This has been overdue!  Kayla has been with us for a long time now, and we have watched her grow into a true athlete.  Despite her young age, she will push you hard in any workout!  We cant wait to see what she can do next.  


➡️Name: Kayla Devaux

➡️How long have you been doing CrossFit:
year and a half

➡️How many days a week do you attend classes:
like everyday haha

➡️What is your favorite workout: anything with a barbell

➡️What do you enjoy most about DHP:  all the workouts are so different and we have a lot of fun

➡️What is you biggest success since joining DHP: being able to rx workouts that I never thought I would be able to

➡️Who would you recommend DHP to: everyone!

Thank you KK, you are a force to be reckoned with!

We are grateful to have her in our community and proud to name her 2020’s Last Member of the Month!


Another Big Thank You for Your Support Gift codes are here!!

Everyone who stayed with us throughout the month of November receives a free $200 gift voucher – $20 each at all 10 Community Coalition brands!


and enter your info to get a universal code that works at O2, Born Primitive, Four Sigmatic, and 7 other great brands with special offers for loyal gym members – just in time for the holidays!

Vouchers expire 12/25.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support <3

Please Note The Holiday Schedule!

December 24th – 7am, 8:30 and 10am ONLY
December 25th – CLOSED

December 31st – 7am, 8:30 and 10am ONLY
January 1st – CLOSED

Come get your workout in beforehand and please plan accordingly!Save The Date For The Holiday Partaaayyyy

Saturday, December 19th

Come early at 12 if you want to watch your coaches compete amongst themselves in the
12 Outlaws of Christmas WOD!SECRET SNOWFLAKE

Sign up for our Holiday Gift Exchange!  

Enter your name on the sign up sheet at the gym.  
We will do the exchanging at the Holiday Party!

Get Your Meters In!

From Thanksgiving until Christmas, we have been logging our meters for the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge!

Log your meters here

We also have a bar graph at the gym AND places to cumulatively enter your meters on SugarWOD on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Keep an eye out so we can motivate each other to finish in time!

Please Bring Your Mask

We go through masks pretty quick these days, so please be prepared with your mask when you come to workout!

7:30 Indoors Skills Sessions are Still Going!

Work on skills that we can only do inside!  
Heavy barbell work, pistols and handstand walking, lots of muscle up drilling….register for this express class and see for yourself!

Offer Expires December 5th!

New hoodies!  New pants!  New hats!

Click here to see what we have available!  
Show off your athleticism with pride!