What’s New at DHP August 2021


What’s New at DHP August 2021

August 2021

Lets enjoy this finale of summer!
We Are Continuing Our 28 Days For $8 Promo!

And We Have An Additional Promo For You This Month!

20% off SKILL sessions for existing members!

Work on a lift or gymnastic skill.  Trying for your first muscle up or handstand pushup?  This is the time!  Talk to a coach to sign up!

Congratulations to our August
Member of the Month! Hannah
 It is often frustrating working through any sort of injury but she pushes through regardless! Maintaining her fitness routine has been her top priority and we are proud of her for it!

Keep it up Hannah Bear! No excuses for you 👏🏼

➡️Name: Hannah Nathan

➡️How long have you been doing CrossFit: About 4 years

➡️How many days a week do you attend classes: I try for 6

➡️What is your favorite workout:   I like endurance workouts (running/rowing).  Nothing feels better than grinding through and sweating it all out

➡️What do you enjoy most about DHP: Before I moved to LI, the head coach of my last CF told me to find a box with a supportive atmosphere and attentive coaches.  I found that and more in the community at DHP.   

➡️What is you biggest success since joining DHP: Getting kipping pull-ups and being able to do them in a wod was a proud moment from last year.  That was a long time in the making & I have Coach Theresa to thank for moving me along in that process.  Another highlight was Rx’ing the DB Snatch weight for the first time  in this year’s open workout & (finishing that workout). 

➡️Who would you recommend DHP too: Anyone who wants to feel better and get stronger!

We are grateful to have her in our community and proud to name her 2021’s Eighth Member of the Month!One More Promo For You!

Nutrition Programs Available…20% Off Your First Month!

Join in on Coach Theresa’s 

These are designed to aid in the loss of excess fat and build lean muscle mass!

BronzeSilver and Gold Programs are available.
 Includes:Nutrition ProgrammingAccountability CoachingProgress TrackingPersonal TrainingThis program is perfect for:Weight LossMuscle ToningBuilding MuscleImproving Overall Health/Habits& More!
Set up a FREE consult meeting with Coach Theresa if you are ready to get started and change your life for the better!New Referral Rewards Available

We are so grateful when you spread the word about the DHP Community that we want to offer you a gift!

We have rewards for you if a friend of yours joins with a membership.

Save Some Dates Coming Up

August 28
Time TBD

Adventure Park

This is a super fun park for any age.  Climb some trees, tackle some obstacles and zipline!
Click here for their website.

We will have a sign up link ready soon!September 18th

Flex on the Beach

We have some athletes competing so come cheer and show your support if you are free and want to hang out at the beach with us!
Click here for more information about the event.

October 2nd
 Trueform Gala!!

This is coming sooner than we think so lets start talking about it!  Get dressed up and enjoy a night in at DHP for our catered formal event.  

Save the date and start thinking about your outfit!New Supplements Are In!

We got everything you need to improve your performances and recovery.  Ask a coach what supplement is best for your needs.


Heart Rate Monitors Available!

You have probably seen some percentages on the TV recently  :o)

We now have monitors available to ANYONE!

If you want to give yourself an edge throughout a workout, this is what will give you that push.

Ask a coach to get started!

There are 2 challenges this month!

Check out the MyZone app and get your MEPs! 

25 Burpees, That’s It!

Check out cancer.org for more information.
Sign up on the PR board to participate and keep track!

Interested in DHP Thunder? 

Join us on Sundays at 10:30.
See below for qualifications and talk to a coach if you have any questions!

New Offer For Any Previous Members
We know some of you have been away, and if you are interested in returning, we have a deal for you!
Return at a discounted rate of $59 for your first month back!  This is our standard Groupon Rate that we are honoring.

Reply to this email to sign back up!Show Off Your Pride With Our Apparel

Check out our online store to order yourself a shirt, pants, hoodie or tank!

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