What’s New at DHP August 2020


What’s New at DHP August 2020

August 2020!  

The Summer of Parking Lot Workouts!

Congratulations to our August
Member of the Month!Patty Mac
 Congratulations to our August member of the month…Patty Mac! Also known as Pat 🙂
Pat has been with us for a while now, has had amazing results and is a great motivator to have in class with you! Not only this, but he always lend a helping hand to the coaches and we thank you for that!👏

🔵Name: Pat McDonough (pattymac)

🔵How long have you been doing CrossFit: roughly 8 months

🔵What is your favorite workout: Bradshaw (because of handstand push-ups)

🔵What do you enjoy most about DHP: I enjoy most the family mindset, everyone is friendly, looking out for each other and willing to help any way they can

🔵What has been your greatest success since joining DHP: There are many to choose from. I guess one of the biggest ones is weight loss. Since high school I have not weighed under 205 lbs. I have tried on my own to get down to the 200 range unsuccessfully. I was finally able to break that 15 years after high school during the weight loss challenge I got down to 204!!!

🔵Would you recommend DHP too: absolutely

We are grateful to have him in our community and proud to name him 2020’s Eighth Member of the Month!


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Now is the time to join the DHP Family. 
If a friend joins us with a full membership, you will receive ONE MONTH FREE from your membership!

5am, 6:30am, 5pm and 6:30pm

8:30am and 10am

Please reserve your spot on the Push Press Members Portal App.Hang Out And Play Volleyball

Every Saturday in August at 5pm!

The address of the field is 18-98 Bridle Path Lane in Port Jefferson.  
The winning team will be receiving some SWEET PRIZES!

CrossFit Kids Is Up And Running

Sunday at 9am behind the building

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Reply to this email to sign up your kids!Our Online Store is Up and Running With New Products!

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Show off your athleticism with pride!

And last but not least!…..The 20 Check in Club Continues…but not this month although we can finally check in to classes…YAY!
 We would like to celebrate our members dedicated to maximizing their time here!We recognize each member who attends 20+ classes a month! Make sure you check in to your classes! Congratulations to the following:
Everyone participating in the virtual workouts and completing the home workouts when you can!