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New Member’s Don’t Miss These Opportunities

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Pro-Coaching Package

As a new member we know sometimes things can be intimidating, we didn’t like that feeling when we started and we don’t want you to have that same experience.

We know there are a lot of things you don't know yet, like:

  • Movements & Exercises
  • Types of Equipment
  • Mobility Drills
  • Coaches Names
  • Athletes Names
  • Etc…

And that can seem overwhelming. In the past it was a reason many people had challenges and got results slower than they should have. We solved that issue by offering 1:1 sessions with a coach as part of our Pro-Coaching Package.

As a new member your Pro-Coaching Package will give you:

  • Familiarity With Movement Names
  • Extra Guidance To Safely Perform Movements
  • Assistance In Proper Weight Choices
  • Time To Get Comfortable In The Facility
  • Familiarity With The Equipment
  • Confidence That You Can Achieve Your Goals
  • Results Even Faster

As a new member you get Special Pricing for a Limited Time of 20% off your Pro-Coaching Package. Sign-up today and save big!

Pro-Gear Bundle

There is certain gear you need for every sport. Fitness is no different. There are somethings you will want for your safety, other things you will want for your performance and other things for your health & recovery. Over the years we have learned exactly what athletes need and, even better, all the stuff you DON’T need. We have put together your “Pro-Gear” bundle for you so you will have everything you need to succeed without the trial and error of buy poor quality and unnecessary equipment.

Your Pro-Gear Bundle includes

  • Safety Back Belt
  • Gymnastic Grips
  • Custom Sized Jumprope
  • Personal Chalk
  • Recovery Supplements
  • MyZone Heart Rate Monitor
  • Mobility Ball

This is all the equipment our coaches use and bring to every workout (even when we travel). It’s all the things our members used to buy over a period of time and end up paying way more for. We put this bundle together for you to save the time, effort and mistakes we made. So you have the choice, you can buy them one at a time and pay significantly more, or you can buy the bundle now and SAVE $XXX% as a new member.