Pro-Gear Bundle

Pro-Gear Bundle

There is certain gear you need for every sport. Fitness is no different. There are somethings you will want for your safety, other things you will want for your performance and other things for your health & recovery. Over the years we have learned exactly what athletes need and, even better, all the stuff you DON’T need. We have put together your “Pro-Gear” bundle for you so you will have everything you need to succeed without the trial and error of buy poor quality and unnecessary equipment.

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The Equipment Every Athlete Uses To Stay Safe And Perform Better

Safety Back Belt

Keep your back and spine safe while you get stronger. Every smart lifter uses a belt to keep themselves safe for a reason.

Gymnastic Grips

Reduce blisters, soreness and get a better grip on the pull-up bar which will lessen the chances you slip fall or get injured.

Custom Sized Jump Rope

Missing less often means less whippings and less frustration! Custom sized jumpropes are the only way to get proficient.

Personal Chalk

Improve your grip, reduce your chance of slipping or dropping equipment. Reduce the chances of getting blisters and cuts on your hands.

Recovery Supplements

Aches and soreness are the number 1 reason why people don’t train as often as they could. Recovery & Nutrition are crucial to workout more, maintain your weight goals and stay fit!

MyZone Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate is one of the best ways to manage your health and fitness. HRM helps your coach guide you to the right level of stimulation for your ability level.

Mobility Ball

We use them in class and you should use one at home to reduce muscle soreness, aches and cramps. Learning to care for your body will save you a lot of pain and money!

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