What Our Gym Offers


CrossFit DHP

Get in shape fast!

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Improve Coordination and Flexibility and of course Feel & Look Better Too. Combining strength training, cardio-respiratory conditioning and elements of gymnastics gives our athletes amazing results. 

With daily classes that are adaptable to all experience and ability levels you are guaranteed to have a great workout.  We specialize in making fitness available to everyone, we know CrossFit has a scary reputation – not here, we’ve changed that reputation – CrossFit is for Everyone!



DWP BootCamp

Developing Women’s Potential – That’s what this is all about!

A Ladies only class (sorry fellas) designed to sculpt and tone just how and where you want in a welcoming & inclusive environment.

Available to ladies of all ages and ability levels to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.  This program also comes with an optional meal plan, nutritional coach and success plan to get your results even faster.



DHP Kids

Kids are our future and they need to have long healthy lives right? I mean they need to take care of us one day.  The DHP Kids program creates an active learning environment for physical and mental activity.  Disguised as games for the 3-5 year old group the kids have fun getting fit.  Our 6-12 year old group increases the challenges of their fitness games and adds in a component of structured workouts just like mom and dad do.  The best part of this class, the kids sleep like rocks afterwards!



Nutrition Programs/Coaching

For those interested in taking a full approach to health we have several coaches with backgrounds in nutrition coaching and meal planning.  As the old sayings go: Abs are created in the kitchen; You can’t outwork a bad diet.  Working with one of our nutrition coaches will be a game changer for you.




Lunch hour comes and goes quick, that’s why we designed this workout to fit in midday.  In just 45 minutes you’ll complete a full workout including warm-up, mobility, movement instruction, workout and cool down, with just enough time go refuel on your way back to the office!

This fast paced class is loved by all and always challenges all of its ontakers.



DHP Engine

Cardio-Respiratory Endurance is second only to nutrition in the hierarchy of sport.  Developing an Engine to push your limits is essential for all fitness levels.  If you are brand new or an accomplished athlete this class will add a new level of ability to where you currently are.  These workouts never get easier, you just become able to endure more – that’s why we call it endurance training.



Athletic Development Sessions

Looking for 1:1 time, this is where you want to be.  Have an hour session with the coach solely focusing on you and your development.  Every que, correction and suggestion will be guiding you to becoming your healthiest most fit self.

Create clarity in your goals and develop a plan to achieve them with your coach.  The accountability of a 1:1 coach will help you progress further faster with more fun!



Skills Session

Sometimes we just need a few tips and tricks to help us along.  Skill Sessions offer you just that in only 30 minutes.  Pick a goal with your coach and develop the skills to accomplish it.  No matter if it is your first pull-up or push-up, a muscle-up or double-unders your coach will show you the drills to practice to work on your unique areas of improvement.



Custom Accessory Programs

Already enjoying classes and want to excel even more in an area?  Maybe get your first pull-up, or maybe you have been stuck at 5 push-ups but really want to get more.  Maybe you see everyone else doing handstand pushups and walking around upside down, or maybe you dream of those bar/ring muscle-ups!  Good news, we did too once!

That’s exactly why we developed our Custom Accessory Programs.  These short 15 minute additions to class will help you build the prerequisite strength and skills necessary for those movements you want so much.  Designed to be done 3 times each week in addition to regular workouts you too will add yourself to the ranks of those doing those fancy moves too!


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